About Us

Hi there, I'm Richard Powell and I welcome you to my website. Believe it or not I'm actually a plasterer by trade however I began having a go at creating and developing websites roughly eight years ago. Quite a drastic change you might think however I slipped into it quite successfully and these days it simply is "what I do". While oftentimes I build websites merely for fun, I do however in addition try to make a bit of money from it (to cover the cost of domain names, hosting etc). Actually I've found it an interesting challenge, coming up with ideas and implementing them.

Well, whilst you may notice a little advertising here, it's not jammed down your throat, you'll not have to put up with any pop-up windows, you will not be expected to register or login and you will definitely not receive any spammy newsletters or emails. My website is not dynamic therefore the content does not move around or take forever to load.

Simple, straightforward websites have consistently been my aim, providing content that is quick to load up and that doesn't incorporate rubbish you don't want or need. Hopefully I've achieved that here or at the very least you've not been unhappy with your time here, possibly you will even have enjoyed the experience. I certainly hope so.

I am not actually a porch builder myself therefore please don't contact me with inquiries relating to porches or to obtain quotations for porch building work, this site was designed to tell you about some of the variety of ways to discover a reliable porch builders all by yourself.

I can't endorse or recommend any particular service, I've merely suggested some methods of identifying one, the decision is in the end yours.

Many thanks again for visiting and I expect to welcome you here once again soon. Richard Powell (Porchery UK)